1. As Director of IISU and Chairman of Inertial Systems Design Review Team, lead the development of ISRO’s world class Inertial Sensors, Systems, Inertial Actuators and Precision Mechanisms. The Inertial Navigation Systems developed for ISRO’s programs have demonstrated reliable, accurate and consistent performance.
  2. Designed and developed Inertial Navigation Systems for PSLV, GSLV, SRE-1, RLV, Chandrayaan-1, MARS Orbiter Missions, GPS Aided Inertial Navigation System (GAINS) for the first time in ISRO for SRE-1 and Launch Vehicle Navigation. The performance of these navigation systems is excellent, consistent and on par or better than similar class of systems developed by other Nations.
  3. The Aided Navigation Kalman Filter algorithm and software successfully developed for SRE-1 Mission is remarkable and was reviewed by National expert committee and earned special appreciation from the National expert committee. This development was first of its kind in ISRO and internationally also.
  4. The GAINS system successfully flown in 22 Launch Vehicle Missions, excellent performance demonstrated and is acclaimed even by foreign customer (ESA-Astrium). Designed and developed High Dynamic GPS Receiver and validated for PSLV, GSLV trajectory and dynamics is significant since it is not available for import.
  5. Developed the new mini RESINS (REdundant Strap down Inertial Navigation System) from system conception onwards after solving several technological challenges and successfully flight tested for improved Launch Vehicle reliability, Mission accuracy and enhanced payload.
  6. Analysis carried out on the three major issues in ISRO Laser Gyro and resolved all the technology issues/challenges viz. Output glitch during mode hopping, Position dependant drift variation and light-up failures. This has lead to the development of Laser Gyros with consistent and accurate performance. Lead the development of advanced Inertial Navigation System based on Ring Laser Gyro and successfully flight tested.
  7. In earlier phase of the career, established the Screening Laboratory for testing and certifying electronic parts for all Launch Vehicles, developed associated automated test systems and the automated instrumentation system and balancing algorithm for the Schenck vertical dynamic balancing machine as import substitute.
  8. Played a major role in delivering many flight systems to the ISRO missions. Delivered the following flight systems for successful Launch vehicle and Spacecraft Missions.
    • Inertial Navigation systems (RESINS), Rate Gyro Packages (RGP) and GPS Aided INS systems (GAINS) were delivered for 40 Launch Vehicle Missionswhich include Space Capsule Recovery Experiment, Chandrayan-1 and MARS Orbiter Missions and excellent flight performance obtained.
    • Inertial Reference Units (IRU), Momentum/Reaction Wheels and Solar Array Drive Assembly (SADA) systems were delivered to 30 spacecraft and excellent performance achieved. Many special Payload Mechanisms were delivered for spacecraft Missions.
  9. Potential researcher and visionary and has initiated research on several advanced R&D and TDP projects in the navigation and related area to meet ISRO’s future requirements. Carried out root-cause analysis of many issues has resulted in reliable inertial systems for Launch vehicles and Spacecrafts.