1. Navigation System (RESINS Mark IV ) for PSLV and GSLV Missions
  2. Navigation System (RESINS Mark IVA ) for LVM3X Mission
  3. Navigation System (RESINS Mark IVR ) for RLV TD Mission
  4. Miniaturised Navigation System ( mini RESINS) for future Launch vehicle Missions
  5. Advanced Inertial Navigation System (AINS)using Laser gyro and Ceramic servo accelerometer for future high accuracy Missions
  6. GPS Aided INS for SRE-1 Mission
  7. GPS Aided INS for Launch Vehicle Missions(GAINS)
  8. High dynamic GPS receiver for Launch Vehicle navigation
  9. Servo Accelerometer for Launch Vehicle navigation
  10. High accuracy Ceramic Servo accelerometer for Mars Orbiter Mission
  11. Miniaturised metallic servo accelerometer for bending mode measurement for LV
  12. ISRO Ring Laser gyro
  13. MEMS Ring resonator Gyro sensing element
  14. Inertial reference and accelerometer package for Mars Mission
  15. High resolution Voltage to Frequency converter for Navigation application
  16. MEMS rate gyro package for Launch Vehicle control application
  17. High resolution and high accuracy multi- bit sigma delta A/D converter
  18. Indigenous Instrumentation system for Shenck vertical dynamic balancing machine as import substitute